Musical Tallent Cum Reality Show


Show Timings : 8 pm to 9pm


Khiriki is a story portraying 'the window of life' based on unusual and exceptaional women of the society. The service will revolve around real life incidents, social cause and the day-to-day events of the renowned writers, thus encompassing the emotiuons of love, relationships, life and death that touch life of every human being. Each story will carry a distinct message about life connecting to all segments of society.


Show Timings : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr,Fri - 8 pm

Ejak Xapun Jen Borxun -

Ejak Xapun Jen Borxun is the story of Aditi a simple small town girl who is highly ambitiuous and full of dreams. Following her dreams she ventures into the world of glamour where she meets Nilesh- the man of her dreams. But, a tragic incident changes everything in her life. Will she be able to fight and win back the trust and faith of her parents? Watch Ejak Xapun Jen Borxun ? a drama of trust relationship and emotions portraying the strong relationship of parents with their child and the journey of a girl in proving herself to the world.


Show Timings : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr,Fri - 8 pm


The land of the seven sisters is home to the India's largest collection of tribes and ethnic groups having its own identity, culture, art, music and varied culinary specialities. This program is a travel show where the Anchor travels in public vehicles in search of different food, music, culture etc. connecting with the people and taking the viewers to a new location every time tempting them with delicious food, culture and music.


Show Timings : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr,Fri - 8 pm


Shristi is the story of a respected and cultured family, where values are given more importance in life than materialistic pleasures. However with the bnfast changing society, the family members also become over oriented in the ultra modern life forgetting their true roots and cultural values bringing a rift in the relationship of the family members. But, a turn of events introduces a fun filled girl called Shristi in their life, who helps the family to realize the strength and true value of one's culture and traditions.


Show Timings : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr,Fri - 8 pm


Ghar Juwai- a series which through fun and frolic depicts the tales of a son in law living in the shadow of his wife and her family. In the Ghar Juwai, as the name suggests, it will depict stories of men, where the husband leaves his family after marriage to go and stay with his wife in the residence of his in-laws. The serial will portray the irony and humor that takes place in the life of a son in law in our so called civilized society.


Show Timings : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr,Fri - 8 pm

Hello Boss -

Hello Boss - is a comedy series about a hilarious boss and his crazy employees... BOSS is romantic BOSS is crazy But....But .... BOSS is a little reckless too... With only his wife having the master key to handle him Watch the adventure of a foolhardy boss with his half witted employees packed with fun, laughter and surprises, in this comic drama called Hello Boss


Show Timings : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thr,Fri-  8 pm